October 25, 2010

Let the Journey Begin…

Author: Scott D. Irwin

In March of this year I went to see the doctor after having pressure and pain in my chest for the past week.  The doctor sent me to the emergency room, where after two hours they could find nothing wrong.

During a visit to the cardiologist I was to do a stress test.  I found myself standing on the treadmill with the cardiologist staring at me….from head to toe over and over again.  Just by looking at me he could tell I had high triglycerides (fat in the blood).  The giveaway?  My stomach.  After finding nothing during and after the stress test, he suggested I modify my diet to consume no more than twenty net grams of carbohydrates a day and exercise.

Twenty net grams of carbs?  …. and so my journey began.  This website aims to give you an insight into my journey while providing you with recipes and fitness information.  My hope is that it will inspire you to eat healthier, exercise, and have fun!  My next post will tell you what I did and how the first week went.

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